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Our story

as told by many.


YAYA is a network of millennials of color driven by wonder and responsibility to the world. Our story began in 2015 when we discovered a common theme about our workplaces: we were leaving a part of ourselves at the door and spending all our time there, all at different levels of dread. So in 2016, our founder Sabrina Frometa took the lead and developed YAYA to explore and expirement ways to reclaim our full selves and transform the idea of how we work. 

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Sabrina felt the key to the future of cooperation lay in understanding one's past; and being a Dominican-American, Sabrina turned to her black Caribbean heritage. Like many folks, Sabrina began to uncover study her story. She discovered that the Taino chiefdoms that inhabited the Caribbean flourished, leaving unbelievably advanced forms of ceramic-making, farming, and cross-coastal travel. From the jump, the Taino understood everything they did was a part of one interconnected reality, YAYA (pictured left). This holistic view of reality is what Sabrina felt missing from workplaces. She began to study how the Taino created zemis, representations of gods, that honored this holistic world view of interconnection .

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Sabrina believes that as opposed to "basic" initiatives like DEI and Employee Referral Programs, we need a radical shift in the ideas behind business and education. With almost a decade of experience exploring and experimenting new ways to connect work to justice, Sabrina has a knack for helping to make experiences, systems and teams work better- liberated and efficiently authentic.

Some of her collaborations include work with The New School Gural Scholarship, The Bullish Conference, Movers and Shakers, Dipont Education, Research Foundation’s Summer Youth Employment Program, Rooftop Films, American Advertising Federation and Grace Blue Group.

She found that decades of research confirms that initiatives in workplace diversity, engagement, and philanthropy cannot be understood as simply add-ons, but are an interrelated whole. Currently, our organizations are all reflections of a society driven by domination. With a unique holistic model called a zemi, YAYA empowers businesses, individuals, and teams with resources that promote a more engaged, just and balanced social well-being for all.